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Virgin America Inc. was a US airline that worked from 2007 to 2018 when it was absorbed by Alaska Airlines. The airline's main goal was to provide low-cost, high-quality service among towns on the Western Coast and other central metropolitan regions. It was based in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Burlingame. It managed domestic planes to main US towns mainly from centers in Los Angeles and San Francisco and a lesser attention town operation at Love Field in Dallas.

The airline started operational activities in 2007 as an independent carrier using brand recognition authorized from the Virgin Group of the United Kingdom that also owns the Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic airlines. The Alaska Air Group purchased Virgin America in April 2016 for nearly $4 billion. It resumed managing the airline under its title and label until April 24, 2018, when it was wholly combined into Alaska Airlines.

Here's a list of all the Virgin America Airlines Flights

  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Toronto
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Puerto Vallarta
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Los Angeles
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to San Diego
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to San Francisco
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Denver
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Orlando
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Honolulu
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Kahului
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Chicago
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to Indianapolis
  • Virgin America Airlines Flight to New Orleans

Why Book Virgin America Airlines Flights tickets?

Virgin American Airlines is a top-ranked airline on America's Western Coast. It is centered in San Francisco and conducts an extensive network of flights to towns. Virgin America has three trip classes: First Class, Primary Cabin Select, and Main Compartment.

Virgin America is now a part of the Alaska Airlines group, but its services are developed more than ever. Virgin America flight booking is made more transparent, smooth, and hassle-free. Customers also get many attractive flight deals and offers, which make them ours forever.

America's Premier Airline

It is the passenger's 1st option due to its advanced plane fleet and desirable, cheap prices. Your flight will be "unlike any other in the skies."

Virgin America provides exceptional services. Whereas the ticket prices remain affordable, the service onboard is world-class. Its goal is to 'restore the joy of traveling.' There are some offers, discount coupons, and promotional fares which are too lovely to pass up. Select Virgin America for high-quality service at a low price.

Popular Routes

Virgin America transports you to your destination. Its headquarters are in San Francisco. Take a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the Bay Area. This is a very famous industry. Other popular attractions include Boston, New York, Mexico City, and Seattle. Virgin America flies from one coastal area of America to the other. From Las Vegas, you could get to Washington, DC, and from Baltimore, you can get to San Diego.

Service You Can Expect

Virgin America treats you royally. Mood lighting is installed in the rooms. The leather seats in the Main Cabin are standard. On the 'Red' in-flight leisure system, there are available films, Television programs, and songs. Food and beverages are accessible upon request. For a small fee, Wi-Fi is also accessible. Power outlets are conveniently located to keep your phones charged.

As it is now part of Alaska Airlines group, booking Virgin America flights is made an easy thing to do. Customers have plenty of opportunities to book tickets for their loved ones.

Class of Travel

First Class passengers will enjoy curated menus and approximately 2 feet of legroom. Complimentary meals and drinks are provided to visitors on board the Major Cabin Select. The seat pitch in the Major Cabin is 32 inches to make sure your relaxation.

Virgin America Airlines Baggage Allowance

The following are Virgin America (VX) hand luggage policies for continual basic ticket prices:

  • Carry-on-Baggage
  • One personal item - Fee free
  • One carry-on thing - Fee free
  • Verified luggage / Hold baggage - Prices for each backpack increase after the first two bags are verified.
  • Overloaded and oversized backpacks - Costs apply for each pack based on mass and size classifications.
  • Sporting goods - Certain objects may be subject to charges.

The following are the information on Virgin America's (VX) standard verified backpack/hold baggage policy:

  • Two backpacks are standard, with a total of 10 backpacks.
  • Maximum: size 62 inches (157 centimeters) (length + width + height).
  • Weight limit: 50 pounds (23 kilograms).

Virgin America Airlines Check-in Policy

You have the following choices for checking in for your Virgin America (VX) flight:

  • Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • Mobile check-in
  • Self-service kiosk check-in at the airport
  • Ticket counter check-in at the airport

Virgin America Airlines FAQs

Ans. You can no longer book Virgin America flights. This is because the airline was merged with Alaska Airlines when the Alaska Air Group bought the airline company in April 2016.

Ans. No. Virgin America was acquired by the Alaska Airlines Group in 2016. Alaska Airlines continued to operate Virgin America under its own brand until Virgin America was fully merged in April 2018.

Ans. As Virgin America airlines is no more an independent flight, you can't book Virgin Airlines flight tickets from anywhere.

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