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Rome is the capital town of Italy, and also the capital of the Lazio area, and an exceptional commune (Commune di Roma Capitale). For nearly three millennia, the town has been the main human settlement. It is also the most populous commune in the nation, with 2,860,009 citizens spread across 1,285 km2 (496.1 sq. mi.). By populace within town boundaries, it is the third most densely populated town in the European Union. It is the administrative center of the Urban Town of Rome that has a populace of 4,355,725 people, making it Italy's most populated urban town. Its urban region is Italy's third most densely populated. Rome is situated in the central-western part of the Italian Peninsula, within the province of Lazio (Latium), on the banks of the Tiber. Vatican Town (the world's smallest nation) is an independent nation within the town limits of Rome, the only current explanation of a nation within a town; as a result, Rome is sometimes described as the capital of two states. The city-state of Rome has a heritage that stretches back 28 centuries. Although Roman myths place the founder of Rome around 753 BC, the location has been surrounded for much longer durations, making it one of Europe's ancient constantly occupied towns. The first inhabitants of the town were a combination of Latins, Etruscans, and Sabines.

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Best Tourists Attraction in Rome

Vatican City: The Vatican seems to be the world's smallest independent nation, with only a region of less than half a square kilometer, the majority of which is surrounded either by Vatican walls. Within it are the Vatican villa and orchards, St. Peter's Basilica, and St. Peter's Square, which is governed by Pope Francis, the grand style of the Roman Catholic Church. From within St. Peter's Basilica is Michelangelo's piece of art, Pieta, as well as Bernini's as well as other artists' carvings and shrines. Take in a panorama of Rome's spectacular landscape; catch a glimpse of the pope attending the Wednesday General Audience; and climb the 551 steps to the summit of St. Peter's Basilica which is open daily for free.

Pantheon: The Pantheon, the greatest Roman ancient civilizations memorial, is exceptionally undamaged after 2000 years. Regardless of the fact that Pope Gregory III had the gilded bronze roof tiles erased, and Pope Urban VIII had the bronze roof deprived and disassembled to channeled the canopy over the altar in St. Peter's and cannons for Castel Sant'Angelo. The Pantheon is free and it is recommended to join a tour with a team. Unleash the history and the lesser-known facts of this incredible monument through a guided tour that will last for 45 minutes. You can see the best of Rome with a combo-ticket that will include access to The Colosseum, Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, St. Peter's Basilica, and more.

The Colosseum: One of the outstanding creations of humans on Roman land, the Colosseum is indeed the best site to discover the amazing history of Italy. The largest structure constructed by Roman antiquity still provides the model for sports arenas. The building was once the venue for theatrical performances, festivals, circuses, or games. The monument has almost 2,000 years of history, ready to take you back in time to discover the way of life in the almighty Roman Empire. If you are planning a Rome trip just before the Good Friday, don't forget to catch the Pope doing a Cross procession in the Colosseum. Revered as a holy site in Christianity and Italian, this monument has always been a central spot of attraction. You can skip lines upon entering through a guided tour.

When to visit Rome?

The great season to travel to Rome is between October and April, when the majority of the tourists have dispersed and room prices are lower. Although you'll need a winter jacket, the temperature rarely falls below cooling this time of year. Come in May or September for hotter seasons without the crowds and the oppressive humidity. Ordinary high temps range from the mid-70s to the low- 80s.

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How to get around in Rome?

Taxi: The easiest place to get a cab is to request one from your resort's concierge. Eateries will also call taxis. Cabs are a bit pricey, starting at around 3 euros (about $3.70) and charging about a euro per kilometer journeyed. If you call one, remember that the meter begins where the driver is called up. Cabs authorized by the Rome Town Council are white and have the term "TAXI" written on their rooftops. Additional fees are levied for trips on Sundays, late at night, and with luggage. Uber, a ride-hailing application, is also available in Rome. If you schedule to take a cab from the airport to the downtown area, the fare will be 48 euros (less than $60).

Bus: A bus fare costs the same as a subway fare (1.50 euros) and can be purchased at bus stations and comfort shops. If you intend to use public transit for the majority of your journey to Rome, consider purchasing a 24-hour card for 7 euros (less than $9), a 48-hour card for 12.50 euros (approximately $15.40), or a 72-hour card for 18 euros (approximately $22.20). The town has a plethora of pathways and stops, however, one of the most famous is road No. 64 that takes tourists from Roma Termini (the town's biggest railway line) to the Vatican. Pathways typically provide regular service between 5:30 a.m. and midnight, with night buses operating for longer hours. Pathways and charts can be found on the ATAC webpage.

Famous Festivals in Rome

Famous Festivals in Rome

Rome holds a special place in a tourist's heart and is one of the most important centers for Catholicism. The Italian capital is never short of events and celebrations. Rome keeps on attracting a visitor because of its lively art scene, lots of concerts, and thrilling nightlife.

  • Chevron Forward The Feast of the Epiphany or La Befana Ephiphany marks the end of the Christmas season on January 6th every year. Italian children traditionally receive token gifts and treat on this day. In medieval garb, hundreds of people march in the vicinity of the Vatican while bringing gifts for the Pope.
  • Chevron Forward Thousands of pilgrims flock towards Central Rome during Easter to witness celebrations in the revered Catholic Church. During this two-week Easter period, the major highlight of the event is the Easter Mass in St. Peter's Square.
  • Chevron Forward Celebrate April 21st in Rome when the city was founded by Romulus in 753 BC. Rome continues the legacy of the birthday celebration with a series of festivities and events. Natale di Roma celebration includes concerts, a parade, and plenty of historical reenactments at Circo Massimo.
  • Chevron Forward Festa della Repubblica marks the foundation of the Republic of Italy on June 2, 1946. Witness a military parade on the Via dei Fori Imperiali marching towards the Colosseum. Don't forget to watch multi-colored smoke trails by display planes depicting the Italian flag.
  • Chevron Forward Plenty of street entertainment and stalls selling food and drink, Festa dei Noantri is an annual cultural celebration in Rome. The procession includes an elaborately decorated statue of the Madonna of Mount Carmel which is carried through the streets from the church of St. Agata towards the St. Crisgono church.

Best Foods to Try Out in Rome

Rome celebrates the city's food to the fullest. You can cherish your foodie time at the Italian capital which is worth savoring. Find your favorite early-morning bite or quench your hunger with some late-night snacks. Create your perfect Italian menu on this Rome trip.


Rome is split between l'amatriciana and la carbonara, like any good rivalry. It's impossible to choose between the two plates because they are both delicious. It is frequently prepared at home using la passata, a quick tomato sauce base.


Supplizio is one of the primary delicacies in Rome which has mastered the culinary art of fried foods. Supplizio offers the fried treats in flavors inspired by Rome's famous pasta dishes—carbonara, arrabbiatta (spicy tomato), and cacio e pepe—a basic marinara and mozzarella packed risotto ball (cheese and pepper).


Romans believe this second course, known as saltimbocca, to be so exquisite that it "jumps in your mouth." A fresh sage leaf is placed on top of thinly cut slices of veal, which are then rolled up and pan-fried. Prosciutto is also put on top of the dish.

How to save money while booking flights to Rome?

Confirm your travel agent or read money-saving articles and blogs from the internet to get cheap flights tickets to Rome. For getting tickets at a cheap price, you must schedule flights to Rome at least prior to the departure date.

  • Chevron Forward If you want to save money, search for cheaper aircrafts which travel at odd hours.
  • Chevron Forward In most cases, planes should be reserved at least one week in advance.
  • Chevron Forward Please ignore reserving aircrafts on weekends, as most people use this time to unwind and enjoy their holiday.

Rome Facts

  • Chevron Forward Population- 2.8 million
  • Chevron Forward Country- Italy
  • Chevron Forward Currency- Euro
  • Chevron Forward Language- Italian
  • Chevron Forward Airport- Rome Ciampino Giovan Battista Pastine Airport

Top Airlines That Fly to Rome

  • Chevron Forward Delta Airlines
  • Chevron Forward American Airlines
  • Chevron Forward United Airlines
  • Chevron Forward Norwegian Airlines
  • Chevron Forward Emirates Airlines

Travel to Rome FAQs

Ans. The airfare for any flight to Rome would be minimum, which may go up to maximum depending on the route, time of the flight booking, and availability.

It is recommended that you book round-trip Flights to Rome since it is more economical.

Ans. Rome is served by Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci Intl. Airport (FCO), also commonly referred to as Rome Intl.

Ans. Many airlines offer the option to reschedule your flight without a change fee. All you have to pay is the difference between the original flight and the new flight you select.

Ans. Rome Airport is near the heart of the city. It's 20 km far from the downtown area.

Ans. Yes, you need to present your passport and ID proof during check-in for your Rome flight.

Ans. Alitalia, Ryanair, and Wizz Air are some of the most well-known airlines with flights to Rome. One of the most preferred ways to travel to Rome is with an Alitalia Airlines flight from Catania.

Ans. It is not permitted to smoke on the premises of Rome Airport for the safety and convenience of other passengers. There is a 'No Smoking Zone' at the airports.

Ans. Different Airlines have varying rules and regulations on allowing passengers to carry food on the flight. Please go through the policies of an airline for further clarity on the same.

Ans. No alcohol is served on a Rome domestic flight. You will get alcohol only on international flights to/from Rome.

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