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How to Travel with a Pet on JetBlue Airways Flights?

Traveling with a pet on JetBlue Airways is easy! JetBlue allows customers to take their furry pet on board the flights. It gladly accepts small domesticated cats and dogs on the aircraft cabins. JetBlue has designed a transparent and easy-to-understand pet policy that enables passengers to take their pet friends to the destination of their choice while enjoying an excellent flight experience. Whether you are planning to move to a new city or just going to spend some lovely time on a vacation with your pet, JetBlue's Pet Policy will ease your burden the most.

Make JetBlue reservations with your pet and ensure a safe journey with your pet on its flights. JetBlue's pet policy makes a customer's journey as comfortable as possible. They need to go through some important guidelines while flying with their pets:

  • Chevron Forward Restrictions, requirements, and documentation for both cats and dogs (including service dogs) depend on the origin, destination, date of ticket booking, and the travel date for international travel.
  • Chevron Forward Travelers are not allowed to carry carry-on bags on a Blue Basic Fare, but they may bring a personal item in addition to the pet carrier.
  • Chevron Forward TrueBlue members can earn 300 extra points per segment for adding a pet to their booking.
  • Chevron Forward Only one pet is allowed to carry per carrier. The pet must be able to sit, stand and turn around comfortably when the carrier is closed.
  • Chevron Forward Customers are requested to book early as only six pets are allowed on a flight.
  • Chevron Forward A maximum of two pets per customer is allowed on board a flight, each in its carrier. A second seat and pet fee will apply for the second pet.

Jetblue Pet Carrier Measurements and Requirements

  • Chevron Forward Customers can fly with small domestic dogs and cats in the aircraft cabin (except in Mint) in an FAA-approved pet carrier that fits comfortably under the seat in front of them.
  • Chevron Forward All pets must remain inside the pet carrier at all times, at the airport and on the plane.
  • Chevron Forward Your pet and pet carrier will be counted as one personal item. The pet carrier's dimensions must not exceed 17" x 12.5" x 8.5" (L x W x H) and the combined weight of the pet and the carrier must not exceed 20lbs.
  • Chevron Forward Passengers will be charged $125 each way and can be added to the Extras section during JetBlue booking.
  • Chevron Forward Passengers are highly recommended to sit in a window or aisle seat. They will not be assigned an exit row, bulkhead seat, or any seat restricted for under-seat stowage.
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