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Detroit, Michigan's largest city, is located mostly on the northwest bank of the Detroit River and on Lake St. Clair, between Lakes Huron and Erie. Downtown Detroit is located on the water's edge and is filled with subjects to do, eateries, stores, and fascinating communities such as Greektown.

The Dearborn Neighborhood is a popular tourist destination, best remembered because of its connection with automotive legend Henry Ford. It also contains several ethnic communities, such as an Arab-American town with outstanding Middle Eastern excellent restaurants.

The Detroit Zoo is located in the residential Oakland constituency, which is also recognized for its upscale cafes and shops.

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Best Tourist Spots in Detroit

Detroit Institution of Art- Detroit Institute of Arts exhibits a representative cross-section of human creative expression from prehistoric generation to generation. Its perpetual package includes over 65,000 works of art displayed in over 100 galleries. This includes art from Africa, Oceania, and the Indigenous Americas, as well as art from the Near East and traditional antiquity, as well as compilations from ancient Europe and America. As some of the most famous exhibits at the museum are works of art of European painting by Rembrandt, Van Gogh (self-portrait), Matisse, and Picasso.

Motown Museum- Motown Museum, also known as "Hitsville USA" because of its legendary symbol, seems to be a comparatively tiny shingle-clad construction that housed the studio at which documents with the "Motown sound" were made from 1957 to 1972. Foreign tourists can now see the real recording studio during which Marvin Gaye and others generated hit songs, as well as the apartment where Berry Gordy Jr., the founder of Motown, resided with his family. The exhibition narrates the heritage of the recording studio as well as the ancient days of Detroit's rise to prominence as the hometown of several of the country's greatest hits. Make reservations to book your spot on the tour, as space is limited.

Detroit Historical Museum- Detroit Historical Foundation is dedicated to commemorating the city's interesting heritage, including that it earned the nickname - and credibility - as the automotive company's epicenter. Simulations of old Detroit sidewalks, model railroads, and sculptures, therefore, provides a detailed summary of the city and the occurrences that molded it. Increased displays involve information about the city's manufacturing facilities and folk's important role in World War II, Detroit's involvement in the Underground Railroad, as well as other defining features of the city.

Detroit Zoo- Detroit Zoo is located on 125 acres which is just outside downtown Detroit and is a residence to an incredible number of animals from across the world. The zoo is divided into plant communities, for one of the most famous being the African nature reserves, which have been destinations to unusual favorites such as zebras, lionesses, giraffes, cheetahs, and a South American popular, the sloth. The four-acre ape biodiversity, which mostly comprises a dozen chimps and three silverback gorillas, is situated within this segment.

Historic Fort Wayne- A great place to know about the life of a soldier the Historic Fort Wayne, is indeed a must-to-visit destination of Detroit. It was built in the 1840s as a five-pointed bastion fortress which tourists enter through the Sally Port, a fortified wooden door made with three layers of wood. Visitors can walk through the large parade grounds and can check out the interiors of this oldest building, the powder magazine, and restored officer's quarters.

When to visit Detroit?

From May to September, the climate is ideal, with warm temperatures and summer sunlight encouraging more people to get out there and start exploring. Autumn and spring are far more temperate, but nevertheless pleasant enough to spend time outside. Winter in Detroit is not only for the fainthearted, with heavy snowfall and cold conditions, the city compensates for the arid climatic conditions with seasonal activities, enclosed places of interest, and obliging cafes.

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How to get around Detroit?

People Mover- This automated light-rail system is running through stages of development in the commercial area of downtown Detroit. There seem to be 13 stations located all through the downtown area. It's an excellent mode of transportation to or from the Renaissance Center and Greektown. The People Mover is not expensive. It's only 75 cents for such a journey, and it well values it because when it's frigid or rainy in The District.

Qline- This streetcar runs up and down Woodward Avenue, connecting you to 12 locations. The QLine runs from downtown via New Center and keeps dropping you off just next to popular destinations such as Little Caesars Arena, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Museum of Art.

How to save money while booking flights to Detroit?

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Detroit Facts

  • Population- 3548000 (2020)
  • Country- United States
  • Currency- US Dollar
  • Language- English
  • Airport- Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Top airlines that fly to Detroit

  • Jet Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Travel to Detroit FAQs

Ans. Detroit is served by Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), also commonly referred to as Detroit Metropolitan, or Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County.

Ans. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is 28 km from downtown Detroit.

Ans. The airfare for any flight to Detroit would be minimum, which may go up to maximum depending on the route, time of the flight booking, and availability.

It is recommended that you book round-trip Flights to Detroit since it is more economical.

Ans. Yes, you need to present your passport and ID proof during check-in for your Detroit flight.

Ans. Flights to Detroit from Chicago, Atlanta and Washington airports are in high demand.

Ans. It is not permitted to smoke on the premises of Detroit Airport for the safety and convenience of other passengers. There is a 'No Smoking Zone' at the airports.

Ans. American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta with American Airlines being the number one choice of airline. Catching an American Airlines flight from Chicago is the most preferred option to travel there.

Ans.Airlines have varying rules and regulations on allowing passengers to carry their food on the flight. Please go through specific airline policies for further clarity on the same

Ans. No alcohol is served on a domestic flight. You will get alcohol only on international flights to/from Detroit.