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Bakersfield, located at the southern extreme of California's Central Valley, seems to be a metropolitan area in Kern County with a great heritage of oil and agriculture. And most of that heritage has been on display, but it has become mixed into it with contemporary tourist destinations, such as an evolving art and architecture scene boosted by an artistic community.

The Bakersfield Sound, a sub-genre of folk music espoused in the 1950s and 1960s by live artists such as Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, must be the soundtrack for a trip to the city. This detonation of rock music, including its connections to Bakersfield, contributed to the city's designation as the West Coast's Country Music Capital. The Bakersfield Sound can be heard at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace and also the Kern County Museum, where tourists can tour Merle Haggard's home town.

Bakersfield would also be a gateway towards the natural surroundings, with plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Within the city boundaries, Hart Memorial Park and Panorama Vista Preserve focus on providing instant access to lakefront picnic spots and mile-long perspectives.

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Top tourist attraction in Bakersfield

Hart Memorial Park- Hart Memorial Park, which was geared in 1929, still contains the real treasures that create northeast Bakersfield so unique. This 370-acre public area in the Sierra Nevada Mountain, encased all along banks of the Kern River, includes two fishing lakes loaded with rainbow trout, bluegill, and bass. The park is adorned with picnic areas, playgrounds, and concreted strolling paths, but it is also shaded by innumerable trees and shrubs.

Hart Memorial Park, which is prevalent with trekkers, riders, and family members seeking for a vacation destination, is still enduring advancements as part of a county-wide revitalization project.

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace- Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, a concert hall, eatery, and cathedral all in the same, is focused on keeping the Bakersfield Sound alive and quite well. This is among the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Every week, the Crystal Palace's line up involves numerous musicians who execute modern and traditional country western live performances and dancing. The interface at the Crystal Palace includes everything from appetizers to main stage entrees like chicken fried steak. The Buck Owens' Museum on-site includes antiques and explanatory knowledge of the local performer's career, and also the emergence of country western music in the United States.

Kern Country museum- This family-friendly learning system immerses tourists in Kern County's long and rich history through costumed characters and well-preserved treasures. More than 60 historic structures constitute the museum's outdoor Pioneer Village, a 16-acre living-history exhibition. The Lori Brock Children's Discovery Center at the museum combines scientific education with hands-on lessons, and an accessible display about the history of the region with the oil industry gives insight on the black gold that fueled advancement in Kern County.

When to visit Bakersfield?

The best time to visit Bakersfield is February which is followed by June and July. Generally during this period the price of hotels and transportation gets increased.

How to get around in Bakersfield?

Car: Because most of the state's biggest tourist attractions are spread out and require multiple transfers on public transportation, driving is the most convenient and straightforward way to get through Bakersfield.

Taxi: Even though cabs are generally available at major attractions, most tourists find that renting a car is less costly than taking cabs. You might use a ride-sharing facility when you only have to get somewhere around a few places (or if you're going out for the evening and don't want to drive). Alluring Bakersfield Flight Deals are waiting eagerly!!!

How to save money while booking flights to Bakersfield?

  • Aircraft must be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  • For getting discounts you can also schedule your flights in the month of January.
  • Please avoid booking flights on Saturdays and Sundays, because that is when most individuals go on vacation.
  • If you want to save financial resources, look for flights that depart at regular times.

Bakersfield Facts

  • Population- 389007 (2020)
  • Country- United States
  • Currency- US Dollar
  • Language- English
  • Airport- Meadows Field Airport and Bakersfield Municipal Airport

Top Airlines That Fly To Bakersfield

  • United Airlines
  • American airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Mesa Airlines
  • SkyWest Airlines
  • Envoy Air
  • Copa Airlines
  • Air New Zealand

Travel to Bakersfield FAQs

Ans. Modification and termination fees on flights to Bakersfield have been agreed to be waived by American Airlines and Qatar Airways. Passengers can cancel their flights with a small cancellation fee. Confirm policies on booking site.

Ans. Bakersfield Meadows Airport is at a distance of 8 km from Central Bakersfield.

Ans. It is not permitted to smoke in the premises of Bakersfield Airport for the safety and convenience of other passengers. There is ‘No Smoking Zone’ at the airports.

Ans. Airlines have varying rules and regulations on allowing passengers to carry their own food on the flight. Please go through a specific airline policies for further clarity on the same.

Ans. Bakersfield has one airport and is served by Bakersfield Meadows Field Airport, also commonly referred to as Meadows Field or Meadows Fld. The airport code is BFL.

Ans. If you’re traveling from United States, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Qatar Airways usually have the most frequent connections from Bakersfield Meadows Field Airport.

Ans. The airfare to Bakersfield flight would be minimum, which may go up to maximum depending on the route, booking time and availability. It is recommended that you book a round-trip, since it always works out to be more economical.