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Aurora, Illinois, is a unique tourist location that will impress you through its varied blend of outdoor and indoor destinations. The town that was once a thriving manufacturing base for many major. American corporations, was dubbed the "City of Lights" in the early twentieth century. Aurora's main destinations include its historical centre, intricate building, notable galleries, and a world-class zoo. The most famous locations to visit in Aurora include the, Aurora Regional Fire Museum, Aurora Historical Museum, Phillips Park, Blackberry Farm, and SciTech Hands-On Museum. Reserve your Aurora holiday with our inexpensive Aurora planes and prepare for a holiday unlike any other while saving money on planes to Aurora, Illinois.

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Best Time to visit Aurora

The months of June through August are ideal for visiting Aurora. The temperature is favourable, and the town provides a number of events and outdoor tasks at this season. The month of August is Aurora's busiest tourism and carnival, season with tens of thousands of visitors flooding the town, driving up hotel and travel costs. As a result, we strongly advise you to explore Aurora between November and March. You can get excellent value for money bargains, which can help you save cash on your hotel costs. If you still wish to explore Aurora during the summertime, you need reserve your planes to Aurora well in advance.

Aurora Top Attractions

Historical Museum of Aurora

Discover about Aurora's remarkable history in a fun and interactive way you'll find everything here, from Civil War mementos to clockmaking heritage. The gallery's 3rd level features a constantly altering selection of rotating exhibitions that will make your trip worthwhile. You'll also see the ancient skeleton of the enormous Mastodon, which was discovered near the lake.

Sci Tech Hands-On Museum

As the title implies, you'll have the chance to understand vivid ideas of science by participating in them firsthand! This 30,000 square foot gallery, which was once a historical post office, now houses more than 200 science displays and is the ideal location for Scout programs, overnights, and birthday celebrations.

Phillips Park

Phillips Park has a number of nice outdoor camping places with plenty of peace and beauty. Splash pads and a kid's playgrounds are among the many modern facilities available. There's also a tiny free zoo with native North American species like ducks, mountain lions, and white wolves.

Ditumabo Falls

Ditumabo, also famous as Mother Falls, is the tallest of all Baler waterfalls, reaching at 140 feet. Its cool water, which comes from the Sierra Madre Mountain Range's highlands, is ideal for paddling after a long hike. When it comes to treks, the travel to this San Luis Aurora tourism destination is not simple; however it is well worth it.

Diguisit Beach

Diguisit Beach, often recognised as the "Rocky Paradise," is another must-see Aurora province tourism attraction. In comparison to Sabang Beach, the waves here are harder and more demanding, which is why most experienced surfers choose it. Apart from the colossal waves, the Lukso-Lukso stone formations are a sight to behold.

Dicasalarin Cove

The Dicasalarin Cove is another renowned tourism destination in Aurora province. It is encircled by white sandy beaches, limestone formations, and pure blue waters mirroring the hills, all of which attracts a wide range of visitors. The Angara family owns this hidden retreat, yet it is open to people who wish to explore throughout the day.

How to reach Aurora

Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Frontier Airlines all have daily planes from Chicago/Aurora Municipal Airport (AUZ). They link the town to towns such as San Jose (CA), San Francisco, San Juan, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago–O'Hare, Charlotte, New York City, Miami, and several others.

Top Airlines Flying to/from Aurora

  • American Airlines

Travel to Aurora FAQs

Ans. Denver International Airport (DEN) is at a distance of 20 km from downtown Aurora.

Ans. It is not permitted to smoke in the premises of Denver Airport for the safety and convenience of other passengers. There is ‘No Smoking Zone’ at the airports.

Ans. Airlines have varying rules and regulations on allowing passengers to carry their own food on the flight. Please go through a specific airline policies for further clarity on the same.

Ans. The nearest airport to Aurora is Denver International Airport (DEN) which is 19 km away from Denver. Another nearby airport from Denver International Airport is Colorado Springs (COS)-103.24 km.

Ans. Airfares fluctuate all the time, depending on the day of the week or the month of the year. Flights are most inexpensive when you book tickets three weeks before the departure date. According to the 2019 Annual Airfare Study, airfares goes up after that period.

Ans. The airfare to Aurora flight would be minimum, which may go up to maximum depending on the route, booking time and availability.

Ans. Booking tickets in advance means more options and more affordable flights to Aurora. Familiarize yourself with cheap airfare costs and be ready to book your ticket as soon as you see a great bargain.